Why Can’t We Just Admit It?

Tuesdays aren’t my most relaxing days. I don’t know why, but labs are very exhausting even though you sit down for three hours. Maybe that’s just it, the worthless futility of sitting under those flourescents with no sunlight, clicking and pinning. I completely forgot to do homework for the class too, there is just too much homework going on in my life. I got to the radio station late. I did get to shave, though. I’ll get a haircut tomorrow.

Ben James and I had a dinner date tonight at Eats. We talked about recruitment and his decision to go to MENAXLDS in Tunisia, of which I am proud. Peas in the pod.

And despite the overwhelming work, there is reason to celebrate. I’m proud of you, Shanky, and I’m proud of you, Ariane. Thanks for bringing light into my day through your growth and success.

By Preston

Agent of Change, Former of Entropy, Seeker of a Stateless World.

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:), Miss you guys – and I have my camera, I just can’t upload stuff :\

I forget that you guys are in school, it’s so different here, which the uni being closed

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