I went to the national subgroup meeting this weekend. There are fewer people going and the list of what the subgroup must accomplish keeps getting shorter, so that must mean that problems are getting fixed, which is a good thing. It’s pretty frustrating sitting in there a lot of the time but that’s probably just because my style of planning doesn’t mesh well with the style that goes on in subgroup. Aside from that I had an enjoyable time seeing old friends, including the amazing Luke Bonney whom I hadn’t seen in over a year with the exception of a snippet at LTM in December, and of course the King, Costa, Shannon, and I got to stay with Trent, whom I hadn’t seen since WSC 2007. That was also my first trip to Jersey. The damn plane was delayed for almost four hours on Sunday night and we didn’t get into Atlanta until after 2 AM, but because we were all delayed we were able to sit around some drinks for some good ole FAT (Fucking AIESEC Talk).

I’m reading this book that Williams recommended, The 4-Hour Workweek, which I am beginning to take to heart a lot. It even made my today more productive. I hope it makes my tomorrow more productive as well.

Looking for that magic exit!

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