They Changed Jackets for the Worse

Been sick, but getting over it. Today was my birthday, and after all the work, interviews for VP Projects, homework, and lunar e-clipse watching, I managed to snag a beer at home a mere 10 minutes before T-364 Days until P. Rhea turns 23. Finally did a little work on my (hopefully) magnum opus szechuan, “The Dream Team.” If you have any advice, sling it.

Will play soccer at UGA this weekend. Hope I don’t embarrass the Good Name.

Board of Advisors meeting tomorrow. I aim to satisfy. Learn now for the future, right? Maybe in a different form. Lifetime employability will take on a new meaning, Mr. Friedman.

/me, exhausted, shuts down

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One thought on “They Changed Jackets for the Worse”

  1. Happy birthday! I miss you guys, and all the eating out we did… it’s not quite the same here :)

    Just think of it this way, you’d rather be exhausted with a million thing going on rather than have jack shit to do, eh?

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