If I Had His Money

Tomorrow is the last day of preconference. It’s been really sweet with people here, talking to old friends and meeting new ones. But of course the most important thing is my CC Marketing work, and ain’t that turning out to be something to increase my rep! I’ve met with the AI representatives in charge of the accounts I’ll be responsible for – Microsoft and InBev – and I can tell it’s gonna be interesting. In fact, one of the people in the “Microsoft Top Ten” – who was once a President of AIESEC International – will be here, and so I’ll be responsible for him. Plus I’ll learn how to pour and draft beer the InBev way, a useful skill.

I am also thankfully no longer in charge of ER storage, which was proving to be a big time-sucker.

Also, because of my mad Engrish skillz, I will be the emcee for the Opening Ceremony in front of 1000+ people. Considering that the previous IC Opening Ceremony had a sharp-looking Polish top celebrity as its emcee, I reckon this will increase my rep profile as well.

Izmir traineeship fell through. One final possibility in Panama, and if it ain’t that, Ecuador and GT re-application here I come!

By Preston

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