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I have not updated recently like I intended to but this is because I have been truly busy and grabbing as much sleep as I can. To recap:

  • Simulations over the weekend. This was useful, but not fun at all.
  • A nice trip into town on Sunday evening with some folks and a starlit ferry ride ’round the Bosporus – for only 5YTL! However…
  • I got sick for three days. I thought at first it was something I ate, but after others also got ill it’s clear that it was not so simple. This luckily coincided with fairly un-tasty food so my low appetite came at a good time.
  • Speaking of the food, it’s getting pretty old. All the stuff outside the university is really good but here it’s just not so good, and yet it’s also kind of expensive relatively. Private university bastids.
  • The AIESEC International team arrived on Wednesday. They’re all right.
  • Filmed a delegate servicing informational video with Hajar for the opening plenary. Took the format of a news show (the CCN), because I “look like CNN.” It’ll wind up on YouTube I’m sure.
  • Did not go to the consulate today to secure lots of Global Village goodies for the US table because it’s three hours away (one-way) from the university. Hoping Andrew M. can deal.
  • We threw a party for Andrei tonight because it’s his birthday today.
  • I met Juan, the director for the Spanish-Speaking Growth Network. He says he can blow open the doors for me on Technical Traineeships. Since I’ve not yet heard back from Izmir, this might just do the trick…
  • Congress starts August 21.
  • I’m excited about it.

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2 replies on “A FAIRE TRADE-OFF.”

Tell Gabiza she owes us a country visit. And that she should schedule it for the 2nd weekend of November, during SoCo RoKS 😉

Have fun at the conf!!! And please say hi to all our friends 😉

Cheers from Amsterdam! Mischa

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