Catching Up

It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted, which isn’t great. I’ve tried to keep up better as a legitimate right-brain exercise, since that’s definitely a mental muscle I don’t want to lose.

There are now less than two months until I graduate from Tech with a bachelor of science in electrical engineering, with a co-op and international plan certificate, and a Spanish minor. I am counting down every day; it’s like being on a very long run and seeing the finish line get closer. I am pretty much just on momentum right now with inertia, but I try to run every now and then – in real life and in this metaphor.

Speaking of running, I’ve run more regularly recently, at least three or four times a week for the past few weeks, but I’ve been sick with a mild ear infection since the weekend. The medicine leaves me really dehydrated and I overheat easily so I can’t keep it up for now; disappointing since I want to badly to get back into a routine for getting back into shape. I’ve been (generally) eating better as well, or at least eating more consciously.

Last weekend was RoKS, which was my last in fact – my first was way back three years ago the same weekend in Jacksonville, FL in the spring of 2006. We went down there all the way because we had to accommodate the three kids from Miami to come there; naturally they quickly died out as they had before. Wasted money and time by the higher-ups. Anyway, I was a faci at our RoKS and it was a good experience, although I think a lot of the flow of the conference could have been better. I still made my session enormously late but I think I facilitated one good session I made with Dani from UNC about the AIESEC Way and the AIESEC Experience, and my big thing was to make it so the delegates got into small groups and had 30 seconds each to describe their most pivotal AIESEC Experience to the group. The person per group who gave the best story within the 30 second limit came to the front and said it to the whole session. It was designed to both prep them for the idea of selling the AIESEC Experience through their stories (and to keep the stories short and understandable) and to hopefully get the newbies hooked on the sweet stories of older members. I think it was a good move because the people who came to the front of the room had really interesting stories. Also we did a Twitter feed for the conference, you can see the results here.

I am listening to some really fresh rap on WREK right now on Wrekroom Renaissance. It’s making for the perfect background.

Most of what’s driving me on this blog is my interest in content creation. Think about how many people have really interesting and constructive ideas but don’t ever put them down for anyone to know about? A great novel, a hit song, solutions to problems, a new recipe, an allsome film? We’re uniquely lucky with the Internet to be very easily able to put information out for the whole world to see. Of course, this has to come with the right expectations of responsibility and a good bit of education on it, but I sure hope they never censor the Internet. Freedom is great.

Recently I’ve had several conversations in which I spent a while trying to explain my views on things like politics, religion, morality, the economy, etc. and it goes on a really long time and people get lost. Then at the end they say “you have to be thinking really long term, aren’t you?” And I say “Of course I am!” I know most everyone’s capable of thinking really long-term, but maybe a lot more people are indeed focused on the really short or medium term and not about their long-term future, or that of their children. I’ll have to figure out how to better frame the logical progression from our current state to my desired vision so people see how it is causal and relates to the here and now.

Oh man, now it’s that sweet funk on WREK, Electric Boogaloo. I LOVE Thursday nights. So very solid.

Only a week until I leave for Spain with my sister. We’re going to Sevilla, Valencia for the Fallas where I’ll stay with my old roommates, and Madrid. Truly she will learn the way of the nomad.

Okay, about time to hit it.

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Agent of Change, Former of Entropy, Seeker of a Stateless World.

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have fun in spain, preston! sure you don’t want to stop by Egypt while you’re across the pond?

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