Another Set

I don’t have much time before I need to lay me down, but I need to continue the exercise.

I have an unholy mountain to climb in the next 72 hours. On Wednesday I have two tests and a presentation, on Thursday I have a test, and it ends about six hours before I need to be at the airport to volar a EspaƱa.

It’s so much that I almost can’t even “see” Spain over the mountaintop. I have to give myself solace in the fact that I only have five Mondays left at Georgia Tech (not counting finals week). That’s nice.

Another huge difficulty is in our senior design project, the maglev train. Very, very ambitious. Too ambitious probably. We’ll see. We’ll pass anyway, but barely. F+. Click.

I probably won’t get truly struck with excitement for Spain until I’m there. That’s just the way it tends to be with me and travel, it’s just going down the road. It’s all a long road that goes on forever, not some huge exciting sea change.

But I am of course looking for that sea change, if and when it comes. I’m ready for something completely new. New parts of my brain need to be stretched, and the parts that have been blown out and salted over for the last five years need time to heal. Whatever it takes. But the learning curve can’t stop.

By Preston

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