Warsaw Village Band Re-Discovered

I finally managed to get a hold of an album from an amazing band that played at the opening ceremony of International Congress 2006 in Warsaw, Poland: the Warsaw Village Band.

The only way I can think to describe them is “alternative post-folk, Polish.” Experiencing them at the opening ceremony was so surreal. Most of the night had been the regular boring children’s dance cultural exhibition stuff, and most of us were yawning for about an hour and a half. Then they came on, and it looked and felt like Mad Max collided with Blade Runner collided with 1932 rural Poland. Midway through their first song, everyone came out onto the giant coliseum floor and started dancing, and we had a wild time.

Such a wild time, when at WSC 2006 (my first conference) during Global Village I learned a traditional dance of some place that was either Turkey or somewhere in the Middle East from Juli – those are the moments which put me somewhere I’ve always wanted to be. It’s a far cry from this semester.

The general terror of last week ended on a good note on Friday, when I was able to sign up for the classes I wanted to for the summer and make it both very productive and far easier than this horrid four months. Also, a girl from Samford University called the AIESEC office while I was in there and she had heard about AIESEC through our blogs! She wants to ride the Rocketship to Turkey sometime in the near future, and expressed interest about starting up AIESEC in Birmingham, which is something I’ve been interested in doing for a long time.

The home stretch begins; let’s see if I can make it out alive.

By Preston

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