First Post on WordPress at my own URL!

Hello World all over again.

I finally moved from Blogger over to my own domain, where I have WordPress installed.  I want to do more with my blog, and I’ve gotten some practice with WordPress thanks to my work on BrainCanvas (now much more readable!)  I also could not keep up with posting as much as I should since Blogger is blocked behind China’s Great Firewall.

No more posts to come from my Nomadlife blog; fitting since Google is ending support for Blogger FTP publishing in a couple of months.  I tried to post one last time on the old blog but Blogger wouldn’t publish, neither when I tried to insert a redirect into the old blog’s header.  I suppose that is a result of having to temporarily change my old blog to publishing to a address in order for the WordPress import to work.  I set it to publish to Nomadlife just for the one last post, but no dice.

Here’s to a successfully maintained, appropriately developed online personal brand.