Plain Talk

I told to my mother several months ago that Tiffany was applying for the MC of AIESEC in Pakistan. Not being updated on the situation after Tiffany did not get the position, my mother relayed to me a conversation she had with some kind of foreign government diplomat that she described was half-likely to be a member of the CIA, who had worked in Pakistan. The foreign agent became concerned when my mother relayed Tiffany’s interest, and the agent implored her to relay that Tiffany should stay away from Pakistan, that there were high instances of Western female kidnappings and all of these kinds of things. Despite my statement that the current (maybe past now) MCP of Pakistan, Tori, is a white Australian female, my mother stated in the old-world fashion, “I wouldn’t want my daughter going to Pakistan.”

These two heroes have stated, with their particular eloquence, why Tiffany should go to Pakistan, or Kenya, or Iran, or any such place where my mother does not want her daughter to go.