Am I Buoyant

I stand now in a locus pregnant with possibility, but the shores of the absolute are growing ever closer in this ship I’ve taken over the last year and a few months. The Fox is a done job, my last night was Saturday and my coworker and I had a good old time at Midtown Tavern afterwards. This week has been full of work with AIESEC, not least of which has been the privilege of close conversations with the head of the presidential Team of AIESEC US: Missy, the MCP. Understanding was forged in those unique moments, a beautiful testament.

Furthermore, the Web 2.0 face of the LC has arisen from the Tubes: The Atlanta Blog. Expect elevation, excellence, and the building and maintaining of rep.

I fly out really early for New York on Friday morning. I’ll have all of Friday to myself and a nice birthday shindig for a friend that evening. I hope we can begin to rebuild the culture that we have let founder in the rough seas. The sun shall rise one day.