Post-Stalinist Kleptocrats

I just booked my tickets to Bucharest for International Trainers Congress 2007. At first, everything was looking no cheaper than $450 roundtrip, which is really bad. After poking around every corner of the low-cost world, the absolute last link was paydirt – Blue Air, a low-cost carrier based out of Romania, whose only international connection is Barcelona. Perfect – I’ll stick around in Barcelona from Friday the 6th until the 15th, when I’ll check out to Bucharest (although my flight leaves one minute before midnight…)

Even better, the total cost was set to be €180 roundtrip – a pretty good job for Spain to Romania, since Romania is not yet fully “connected” with the cheap benefits of EU membership, having only been in the club since the first of January. As I reviewed my not-yet-purchased prize, I interpreted that they would send physical tickets to my mailbox – and I’d put my Alabama address. So, I went back and changed it to my Spanish address.

When I returned, those tickets were gone! I had to add €100 to the price to keep the same times, which were the only ones available – and that was still way cheaper than the next highest option. Cabrones.