My Year-End Self-Analysis

Per the advice of LifeHacker.

Done while listening to Neil Young’s “Harvest” Album


  1. Started a relationship with a wonderful woman
  2. Graduated Georgia Tech with a BS in Electrical Engineering, a Spanish Minor, an International Plan and Co-op Certificate, and a 3.06 average
  3. Took my sister on a cool trip to Spain
  4. Had a fantastic cross-country roadtrip
  5. Summited Half Dome
  6. Drew up plans with Kelsey for Entropy
  7. Got a fine job in Beijing
  8. Started the AIESEC Beijing Trainee Committee
  9. Started BrainCanvas with King
  10. Learned a good bit about my ancestry and shared it with the family
  11. Had a wonderful Blue Plate Special shift on WREK


  1. Didn’t get distinction for graduating
  2. Lost out on my bid for the MindValley traineeship
  3. Didn’t make it into the NOI BootCamp in DC in July
  4. Didn’t get the Eben Tisdale Fellowship
  5. Didn’t make it past the first round in the Unreasonable Institute selection
  6. Got no job offers from the career fair
  7. Fell off of good updating for BrainCanvas
  8. Haven’t started learning Chinese
  9. Started, then stopped working out again
  10. Poorly handled turning down the AIESEC Official Expansion Mongolia invitation

Five Pictures to Sum Up 2009

  1. Revolutionary Beers at City Tavern
  2. Spain Trip 2009 304
  3. California Roadtrip 2009 433
  4. img_9344
  5. img_9075

Looking Forward to NYE 2011

  1. Making Waves in Washington, DC
  2. Working Out my Body, Mind, and Soul
  3. Learned Conversational Chinese
  4. My Writing is Referenced in Influential Publications
  5. Making Music Regularly

Applications (BLAM)

All the different little emotions I experience get caught up in the most interesting, vile, or annoying tapestries at times.

There is a feeling of stress which I’m definitely feeling right now that I must wonder if I will feel when I’m done with Tech. It’s hard to put into words, but giving it ye olde college try I’d say it’s “the stress of the imminent and omnipresent pressing me with the knowledge that I have too much to focus on / too much to do / can’t get it done / won’t get it done / won’t get it done like I want it / can’t do what I like / won’t do what I like because instead I will do (THING),” on top of all of the other attempts to fill in the Pyramid.

By my estimate, I will forget this feeling for a long time after I graduate because I intend to only work in those things in which I have a sincere interest. I’ve felt that for just about none of my classes at GT, and they have been the aforementioned “imminent and omnipresent (THING).”

But it’s pulling me back!