The Downward Spin of Fortuna’s Wheel

As Ice Cube’s “Today Was A Good Day” plays, I reflect on the irony.

I woke up later than I intended, with possibly _just_ enough time to get to a class to turn in homework. But I walk outside… and my car is not there. They towed it, despite insufficient signage indicating where sewer work was being done. Went back inside to fume for ten minutes, it now being impossible to get there on time with my bike after the conversation with the contract worker. Noticed a giant brown spider on my shirt – a maleficent sigil on the House of P. Rhea. Get on the bike and ride to school, but my lock mount came loose and I had to walk the last part of the way. I pay to put money on my BuzzCard and get out cash, since the only cash on my person is rubles. Attend the last ECE3040 lecture of the semester, which only indicates the hell ahead. Set about trying to get someone to drive me around to get the necessaries on the vehicle. Willy B. obliges and gets me my goods from the car and drops me at the police property control, then has to bail to maintain in L5P. I wait and finally discover that since the car isn’t in my name it is impossible to do this without a notarized note from the holder. Holder delivers the note by fax after 4 PM, when the office is already closed. The low came when I learned of, shall we say, “a death in the family.” Long time cooking, putting up clothes, and at the end of the evening, there is naught but this to taunt me as I embark on the journey of Orpheus:

But there is power in the overcoming. There are rewards not far away. I press my way.