EB Review Feedback

A couple of weeks ago, we did EB Review, just between those of us on the EB. It was important that we all be there together, and although two people wound up not making it – and I was disappointed by that – it was a crucial hour, held at 11 PM so that the most of us could be there.

In the interest of keeping myself personally accountable, I have decided to post the feedback I received for myself in that meeting here on my blog. It includes the comments that were made in the meeting as well as the feedback from one of our members who is not on the EB who sent it in via email.

– Use more constructive responses to frustration
leave things at the door
– Worried school is taking too much time for me
– Check how I respond to failed expectations -> constructive criticism
– Don’t get upset with people, ever!
– Point out issues I see but focus on the positive
– Be extremely clear and give and have all necessary details
– Make sure people are accountable, be a better manager
– Make sure whole EB knows our standard of work
– Better TRAINING for EB for how to plan (bring an alumnus)

The outside feedback:

“Make sure you are keeping up with each of your EB, make sure you know what is going on in every team and that you are keeping your EB accountable to your expectations, even if it makes you out to be a ‘mean guy.’ That has to be your role at times, don’t be afraid to adventure on the inevitable negative side of leadership. I’m in support of your team building efforts, but at times I worry that they are taking away from focusing on the year’s goals. In the end at a BOA meeting, the board is not going to care how close of a team you have built, but whether or not they have kept up with their goals. Don’t let your EB be surprised when attacks them about not meeting goals (hypothetically of course). Hold them and yourself accountable NOW so that you can wow the board at the next BOA meeting.”