Gaussian Curve of Exhaustion

The weekend was good – Friday night I hung with Dave, John & Christina on the blessing of some just-received coupons for Cameli’s, played a bunch of Super Mario Galaxy, and hit the hay at midnight in anticipation of the next day’s festivities – but not before giving Ben James some much-needed ice downstairs.

The next day was something we’d waited for a long time – the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Races. We got up to Lake Lanier at 8:30 in the morning on Saturday, and stayed until after two. In between those hours almost 25 of us in the LC hung out in the AJC Foods tent (our partner and sponsor) where we enjoyed plenty of free food and free beer from 5 Seasons Brewing, and racing in the two time trials and finally after the opening ceremonies in the actual race. It was hard but a lot of fun – between our first heat and the third and actual “this-one-really-counts” heat we halved our time due to better teamwork and rowing, and we even won our division! No matter that there were only two teams in our division and AJC was the other one… we win a sweet paddle.

A picture from the event can be found at

I returned from the dragon boat races exhausted but happy at the fun we’d had all before 2 PM. I went to Dave’s and watched GT lose to VT (ugh), and was really bottoming out from exhaustion for a bit. But later things were okay – my man Matt from the BHMpire came with his band Hayden Corner to play Phi Delt, and we got some Majestic beforehand and then after his show we hung out at my place. Today I did homework and had LTM.

Potluck dinner tomorrow night. I just sent out the LCP application. The end is nigh, but I don’t want it to be.