There is still no apartment. I’m not too stressed, but others are managing to get them… I’m wondering where they see things I don’t? So many of the ads are either for apartments too far away, non-students, or girls only. I even called one number that had no specification and was turned down because “solo chicas.”

I went to Valencia again on Tuesday, and saw three apartments. I really, really liked the first (and I have a fair amount of hope I can get it!). The second was quite boring, the people were boring, and he was happy to show me the “cleaning schedule” they all have. The last was pretty good, but they prefer girls.

Of course I’ll look back on all of this and laugh in the future. Of course, you can look back on anything and laugh. I don’t believe everything turns out for the best, I don’t believe that if you don’t get something it was meant to be, and I sure as hell don’t believe that when “God closes a door, he opens a window” – because God’s not the one closing the door, and the window’s there whether God is or not.

Today was the exam for our Spanish test, so tomorrow is the last day of class. I hope beyond hope that GT will let me put it as SPAN2002 credit, or any serious Spanish class credit at all. If not, I’ll rip something open because I’m having quite a hard time getting GT to realize they’re partnered with this school at all.

However, now that Gandia is about to be behind me (until I come down for warmer weather) here are pictures of Gandia.

Taken from the jetty of the Grau, only two blocks from our apartment in Grau de Gandia.

Me on our balcony, on the ninth and top floor.

Time to go fix my quick ravioli. Tonight is the “American party,” which we hope will be the real big thing after last night’s so-called “Orgasmus” party was billed as “The biggest Erasmus party ever!” and did not warrant even a passing reference to its neologistic merging.