On Tuesday I went to the Fabulous Fox Theatre for an interview and I got the job right then and there. Today I went for orientation, and I shadow bartend on Saturday night, with my first working night being Sunday.

I have gotten back into the AIESEC mindset (where appropriate), and have begun having meetings with the current Executive Board members. I had a meeting with the VP External Relations, Katie, this morning at the fresh hour of 08:30 at Bobbi & June’s Kountry Kitchen. It was one I had looked forward to especially – not only because I love Bobby and June’s, but also because I foresee ER as being a very big focus for us next year. There is a lot of growth potential there, and I’m passionate about getting as many students in a functional capacity as possible. I for one will be increasing my ER skills to the max in 2008. She also revealed that in the Georgia Tech Library Archives there exist many documents from AIESEC GT all the way back to Year 1: 1987. I plan on donning a tweed coat, a Stetson, and going deep into the vault to record that ancient and forgotten information. It will help us to put together a comprehensive history and statistical picture of things like exchange and membership at AIESEC GT, and it will also be very useful for our 20th anniversary banquet this December, when we will have many distinguished guests and alumni, including the LCP who started it all and hopefully even our current MCP Missy, who was LCP of GT in 2003.

Tomorrow I meet with Maddie, my formidable opponent in the LCP race and also the current VP Out-Going Exchange. That is the other major area I wish to focus on next year. I’d like to see at least 50% of the people we recruit next year go on an AIESEC exchange within one year of joining AIESEC. I also meet with Johanna, VP In-Coming Exchange, which is a role that is in jeapordy because of national developments. It will be a difficult but worthy challenge to realign its relevance.

Real work begins next week. My life reenters a schedule.

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