Live from Leningrad

I have the opportunity to post due to a free internet terminal in our amazing hostel, CubaHostel. If you ever go to St. Petersburg I cannot recommend it enough.

We have the US, Czech, Swiss, and UK delegations all here for the ride. Tomorrow begings the EXPRO. I’d post pictures but there is no uploading allowed on this terminal.

Today Naoufel and I with the Czechs walked around St. Petersburg. It was basically sightseeing, including Naoufel and I seeing two Russians drinking beer in a cafe at 09:30. The Biblical anecdote about new wine just doesn’t hold here. Biggest disappointment was that we could not enter the Hermitage museum because it is a Monday, but we got a fair feel for the way city works. It is interesting how stereotypes were both resoundingly broken and also eerily understood, like when we were walking into the pub below the hostel for St. Patty’s day and a drunken man tried to grab myself and my friendly Russian AIESECer guide. Fail on his part.

I hope my colleagues in Japan and Tunisia are having as good of a time as I am anticipating. You folks in Montreal too.

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