It’s Been a Long Time, Since I’ve Seen Your Smile

There is so much more I could be doing with my life than editing a poorly-written lab writeup by my lab partner.


  • Selling traineeships to Atlanta companies so awesome people from around the world could come here
  • Getting more involved in WREK, and promoting a better Internet approach for it
  • Learning to photograph better
  • Learning to cook better
  • Getting back in shape
  • Looking for traineeships for myself
  • Playing MUCH MUCH MUCH more music
  • Working on my plans to bust open the world
  • Reading more books
  • Smoking shisha
  • Blogging

By Preston

Agent of Change, Former of Entropy, Seeker of a Stateless World.

3 replies on “It’s Been a Long Time, Since I’ve Seen Your Smile”

– coming to Egypt. I can help with the photography, cooking, shisha, busting open the world, and suggesting sweet books for you to read. Not to mention a hookup for traineeships.

yeah – im pretty much the answer to all your problems.

loves you.

I lost so much of my fitness in the last 6 months, so we can get back in shape together…if you are ready for the pain that comes with it 😉

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