As I was walking from one task to the next today, the only time I had to reflect, and I was thinking about how Shanky’s inner ear is damaged and so he has great vertigo, I realized how much my life is out of balance right now. The song lyric from Wilco’s “Sunken Treasure” comes to mind:

I am so out of tune with you

I am horribly out of balance right now, and it’s unfortunately not even AIESEC that’s taking up all of my time. It’s school. Why am I so worried about school? I have friends who are dropping out and are far happier than I am. Heck, just look up famous Georgia Tech alumni and you’ll find that nine out of ten of them dropped out or transferred. Kind of an undeniable statistic.

The only other thing I was able to reflect on about balance was that there are some extreme forces in this world, but taking what I know about homeostasis, I think that the only truly lasting force in this world is one which forces balance, rather than forces a turnover. Revolutions are important, and sometimes power is so unbalanced that only an extreme polar opposite force can put it in a place where it can come back into balance. But if you can live forever as a person in balance, against all odds and storms and temptations, then over thousands of years the entire world will come to be in balance with you.

So I have to get back into balance. But society has done balance wrong with this kind of educational system. You are wrong, all of you, and you are going to pay for what you have done, if you aren’t already. Prepare to watch your children die as idiots or kill your gods. There is no balance otherwise, and Nature always wins.

By Preston

Agent of Change, Former of Entropy, Seeker of a Stateless World.

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