A Late Conversation of Respite

I had a pretty hard test today in VLSI and Advanced Digital Design, which ended at 6. I came home to relax. I wound up having three really different but difficult conversations online, at the same time. It taxed me, and even though it’s late I needed someone else to talk to.

I found a friend on Facebook chat who I used to play music with, but who got wise and left Tech after a year even though he was on a football scholarship. Like magick, he had this to say:


kind of random here, but are you happy you left tech



im not psyched about having left school

but tech was not for me at all


so even the negativity of leaving school was outweighed by the positivity of leaving Tech


not the way i was experiencing it anyways

outweighed idk

it was a tradeoff

i mean the last 3 years havent been a walk in the park

but at least im able to be what i want


true that man


why do u ask?


looking back on all of this I’m just so tired, I feel like there’s a lot of life I’ve wasted


ya i mean everybody has there regrets

hindsight is 2020


at the same time though it has shaped me and will enable me to do a bunch of good stuff

but, this is my youth


ya i hear u

i mean are you 23 at this point?


will be in Feb


ya idk

dont stress about youth

were still young


I needed to hear that


i kind of get that way sometimes but it seems to me that it just sort of perpetuates it

stressing about not taking advantage of whatever though

you just miss the next thing if you do that

And there is my night.

By Preston

Agent of Change, Former of Entropy, Seeker of a Stateless World.

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