Waitin’ For A Superman

For the first time, in a really long time, pretty much everything in my life is lining up – or at least appears to be. Fortuna’s wheel is on the upward swing for ol’ P. Rhea.

My classes this year – of which I have only four but which total to 15 hours – for the most part seem both interesting and achievable (a combination which I have not met yet at college). Old friends, important to my development cycle and my own Legend, have returned from their wandering, and we even played music together, and sang. That was nice. The blocks of AIESEC are all falling into place, and I’ve got nothing but bright hope for my LC, for the country, and now that I can work on Project01 again, for the global network. I’m finding more of the mystical and mythological in the every day and in the once-in-a-lifetime, in the moments shared between friends and in the walk to the grocery store. According to The Pyramid (and my own heart) the only thing I’m missing is Companionship and Completion.

When the random puts on Beirut’s “Elephant Guns,” it just about can’t get better in the first half of the 16:00 hour in August – and it’s sunny, and I’ve got Dale Carnegie graduation tonight with people, threads woven together one last time before they go their separate, albeit newly carved, ways.

Damn, these trumpets are sublime.

By Preston

Agent of Change, Former of Entropy, Seeker of a Stateless World.

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I am having trouble at level 1–excretion, because my shits have been very hard and malformed lately, and sex, because the last girl that blew me did not let me come in her mouth.


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