SoCoLDS 2008 was great, the best RoKS the Southern Comfort region of AIESEC US has put on since our re-establishment in Spring 2006, in my humble but officially and experientially-informed opinion. I’m pretty proud of the group we’ve got right now as well, check them out at the Atlanta blog.

I slept the second I got home last night at about 6:30, woke up at 11 to drink some tea and watch the rest of the third season of Weeds, then conked out at 2:00 to wake up at 9:45. A necessary length of sleep, given how little I got this weekend – but oh, it was worth it!

I’m in the lab tonight to work on a lab report, and on my way in I saw a flyer that caught my eye, for Free Culture @ GT. I looked up the website for Students for Free Culture and realized that it clicks a whole lot for me. I may have found my next commitment after my LCP term is over. Plus the first meeting of the organization ever is next week, so I can help be a part of starting something new on campus… again.