Documentary to Catalyze the Impending and Glorious Revolution of the Alabama Constitution

Lewis Lehe (whom I know through my good friend Matt Wurtele, a travel companion and comrade in the ideo-militia of people who play music together) has created a documentary titled “It’s a Thick Book.” You should watch it most especially if you are from Alabama.

It is cold and raining today in Grau de Gandia, which confuses me. As my apartment-mate Nicolai from Bavaria put it very well, we must not be in Spain, because it does not rain in Spain. Tonight however the two Australian girls, Jamie and Kate, are putting on a fiesta for Australia Day. Australia’s flag looks like this:

I also will probably go to Valencia tomorrow para buscar una habitaciĆ³n.

I will also take this opportunity to tell you to come visit me for the Falles (in Valencian) or the Fallas (in Castellano). It is from March 16-20. Those are the same dates that Uncle Tupelo recorded this excellent album at John Keane’s house in Athens, GA in 1992.