Gonna Bring It On Home To You

Only have time for this much:

I passed all my classes. 2.4 GPA. All C’s but one A. Still have above a 3 GPA. That is behind me now. Time to gear up.

AIESEC coming back into major focus. Went to Canada NLDC and there not only was it an amazing conference that is so much more professional than any one I’ve been to in the US, but they LOVED the engineering PBoX idea, which now has a name: “Engineer the Next Generation” a.k.a. Project01. It was definitely an important conference for me. Plus, the day and night in Oxford, OH was, shall we say, rad.

I plan on enjoying my classes. I plan on enjoying brewing beer in the breakfast nook, courtesy of Thomas’ brother’s donation while he goes to live the AIESEC dream in Costa Rica for a year. Looking forward to hanging out, in general, and reading, and catching up on some Wii (when it’s rainy outside) and riding my bike. But mostly I plan on rocking the AIESEC world and AIESEC GT especially with Project01 and being a better LCP.