Text-Only Application

I would gladly show you pictures of my new habitaciĆ³n, but Blogger is bloggering. So I can’t.

What I can do is relay that while credit approval is still extremely frustrating, it is slowly advancing. Most interesting is that I signed up for two classes that I later discovered conflict with each other, time-wise. I decided to go to one which starts earlier and leave to go to the other one, to see which I should choose. Both were in English. When the professor came to start Electronic Technology (op-amps, diodes… the stuff I’ve been doing at ROHM) I was the only person there. While we were talking about what to do if I were the only student, then another professor came into the room to begin class. She was there to teach statistical methods in engineering – the other class I had signed up for, but had yet to start for two hours – but she was here to teach a Spanish block of it. Apparently they had accidentally double-booked the room. The professor for electronic technology told me to meet him after this class was done. So after listening to the Spanish and doing the statistics (it won’t be an easy class… subject matter is simple, but getting the instructions in the language at this point is not) I went with the other professor to his office. He explained that he had talked with his colleagues and they had produced a solution: I could come into his office for less time than normal on Tuesday mornings and learn the material one-on-one. In exchange, I would review their English language presentations and correct them. Considering since if GT gave me credit it would be a 4-hour class, I think it’s a good deal.

Last night we watched England vs. Spain (Spain won 1-0) while eating a good dinner – my flatmate Pepe had an amigo over, Jose, and along with me and Raul, another flatmate, we had between us some good sausage, varied cheeses, Pepe fixed up some good sauteed mushrooms, and some picante olive spear type things. It was good.

I am also quite interested in how the Spanish are so much healthier than we are, yet the stuff they eat is just as unhealty. A lot of potato chips, a lot of french fries, a relative of mayonnaise with much of the tapas, chorizo is quite greasy and fatty, and of course olive oil with everything. Perhaps it’s just that they don’t super-size it all.

I’m mulling over taking a trip to see the Decemberists close out their European tour in Paris.