T Minus (The Final Countdown)

Yesterday, I think I saw someone die. Not literally, but metaphorically, like you’d hear in a song or in a poem. Maybe they were already dead, but the fact remains that the last time I had seen them they were alive.

It was a strange experience. The waves that washed through me made the lunch difficult to digest.

Death comes before rebirth, of course, but I am shaken. What will happen? I must wait and see, but then what? It’s a huge burden to have over my heart for this upcoming week. Exciting, and dreadful.

By Preston

Agent of Change, Former of Entropy, Seeker of a Stateless World.

One reply on “T Minus (The Final Countdown)”

That is both sad and exciting, I’m not sure the context your talking about, but if they can remake themselves then maybe they can find something they didn’t have before, On the other-hand – that person is .. gone?

I saw HIV Positive people last week and felt they were but walking corpus with no hope- to relate.

I wish the person you saw die a quick re-birth

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