This is about the eighth time I have tried to copy this disc of old AIESEC GT videos, which I spent eight hours in the fall transferring from VHS.  I’m also painfully hungry and a small bag of pretzels ain’t cutting it, but I am hoping for some deelish food after tonight’s GPM.

The itch of playing music grows more prominent.  Willy B and Shaun managed to keep the house downstairs, praise Xenu, with our friend John in there for the summer and none other than f’ in there for the rest of the duration.  That will make a downstairs full of musicians and an upstairs with one.  Rock on.
This past weekend was our summer leadership team retreat.  It was remarkably shorter and noncontroversial, relaxing at the lake was great and we also got to have lunch at Maddie’s which was furthermore relaxing and delicious.
I have gotten, a little, back into gaming.  The Wii is so easy to play and I’m really digging on Smash Bros. Brawl and Zelda: Twilight Princess.  Some people hate on games, but for me, I learned a magnificent amount about many things from them, and I still have love for Final Fantasy which was more influential than just about any book I read for an assignment.
The disc finally burned successfully.

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