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I just was watching the Travel channel a bit, where I have been seriously turned on to Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. It has a great mix of his own irreverent personality, unusual (to the “normal” American traveller) locales, and a solid yin yang pairing of experiences accessible to the “average” traveller and then also those more privileged, which are not as accessible. Those are worthwhile however because they aren’t just expensive, overpriced, touristy stuff – he gets those parts of the experiences because of who he is, and who he knows – something any networking nomad can aspire to. He also takes a keen and interested eye to the underlying cultural activity and the social ties that give his destinations their soul. Rather than review hotels and restaurants, he opens the door to understanding more about those peculiar things which make travellers enjoy their life out of their homes.

Tonight however was Samantha Brown, whose show was much more for the upper-middle-class tourist who has money to spend and isn’t terribly afraid to not spend that extra hour finding those deals – stay in that nicer hotel, eat at that more expensive restaurant, do that touristy thing. I remarked to Shaun and Bryan, “Why isn’t there a travel show by nomads, for nomads – shoestring budgets, hostels and camping, talking your way into and out of memorable situations?” They responded with something about an old Lonely Planet show. I dunno, though – I want to see a brave nomad combine their travelling with the lifecasting skillz of such personalities as iJustine, and show the world that you can change your life and experience culture abroad as long as you have the money to get there, and that’s it. I doubt I could be that person, but hey, I’d watch the show.

I ate very healthy in the last three days.

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What about anything with Josh Berstein? Its like a combination traveling/outdoorsy show…and hes beautiful….

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