First-World Starvation

You know the feeling, relating once again to Maslow’s Hierarchy, when you are so hungry you can’t possibly think or progress on any task. That’s how hungry I am now, waiting for 7:30 to arrive so I can discuss my LCP application with Charlie over Willy’s. It was to be Mellow Mushroom, but then he has a call later – related to LCP work. I hope it won’t shanghai my little pleasures if I’m elected.

I have applied to about eight jobs now, and spoken face-to-face with two of the employers. The one the PBS (Professional Bartending School) placement woman wants me to get has responded positively, which also makes me feel nice on the inside. Plus, I’ve found a place to live for the fall unusually rapidly. Things haven’t gone this well for P. Rhea in a long, long time.

Perhaps it’s because I’m no longer a GT student! After paying my fee to get access to the Campus Recreation Center, I withdrew from the work abroad class and then submitted my application for readmission. I’m part of the wider world for the fall now.

In other news, Burma is raging against the machine, but the fascists are cracking down again. BBC has blogged accounts here and lists a blogger named Ko-Htike who is gathering information from inside Burma and posting it in London. I hope they topple the fascists – it would be a nice bright spot in an otherwise darkening worldwide sky.

By Preston

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