Dying on the banks of Embarcadero skies, I sat and watched you bleed

I am in San Francisco with my entire nuclear family. This is the last foreseeable time we’ll be able to vacation like this, and it’s the primary reason I returned to the US between Valencia and Turkey. It’s pleasant to be with them and do the touristy things, but it also kind of chafes the nomad anima inside of me. I’d like to go visit a student radio station here and see how they roll.

Today while we were on layover in Dallas a plane full of US troops landed and as they entered the airport the entire concourse cheered loudly, for ten minutes, as they walked past. I wonder what it will sound like when they’re home for good.

We ate dinner with my uncle and his wife tonight on the Wharf, it is always nice to see them. He was a GT alum in the ’60s. Tomorrow we’ll hang around together and visit with his daughter and her boyfriend, who are living in Chinatown as she gets a Ph.D. at Berkeley in environmental science. I wonder if I’ll ever be that good.

The wifi here sucks and the cool bay wind is blowin’ in. It’s time to move on to dreamland.

By Preston

Agent of Change, Former of Entropy, Seeker of a Stateless World.

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I wish I remembered the name of the dimsum place that my parents and I always went to there… hell I wonder if they’re still there.

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