Climbing with Iron Nails

I have been a bad boy for not posting as often as I should have; Brett has made sure to point this out.

I’m sitting in the WREK studio right now doing my Just Jazz shift. I put on a 30-minute movement of an entire live album called “Happening” by Francois Carrier and it is almost over. Tomorrow I have my first test, in the hardest class too – EMAG, ElectroMAGnetics. Back during the quarter system, for ECEs like me the saying went “EMAG, ReMAG, ThreeMAG, Management.” If I don’t just EMAG it, I’ll be here longer than I wish to be.

Man, school is hard. You really do get rusty on these things. Plus, since it’s Roy who is in class and Dave who’s cooping right now, Roy is usually least apt to do homework and study together, which makes me suffer some because I do much better in a group environment. Of course in the end I can only blame myself, but it does help to have people to do your homework with and study with.

Bernice, our resident call-in woman for WREK, just called me. I should have checked the caller ID.

Last night was the first GPM for new members, of which we had 27. That’s a ncie number. I feel like we’ll have more stuff for new members to do this time around, which will make AIESEC more valuable and will keep them with a higher retention rate.

Other than that, AIESEC is certainly stepping it up. We just sent Shanky to nine months in Kenya on Wednesday, Arcadiy is going to Kazakhstan on the 19th, Maddie and I are bound for NYC and the national subgroup meeting this weekend, and the next weekend we trip it up to Boone, NC for a reception event with the entire Southern Comfort region. Plus, RoKS at the end of the month. And somewhere in the middle of it all is my birthday. (That somewhere is the 20th).

But what can a poor boy do, ‘cept to sing for a rock ‘n roll band?

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