I’m ready for something with high gravity, something more sinister than primetime television. I want to pick up my sword (after finding it) and march on My Way.

I want to be able to cast the back of my hand against all the things plaguing my Dream and the world and feel the weight of my arm bring them crashing down like a cosmic wrecking ball.

I want to be worthy of a fugue.

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Agent of Change, Former of Entropy, Seeker of a Stateless World.

4 thoughts on “Call”

  1. There’s some happenings in Tibet which you might champion- even starting at home

    ahh Fugues
    -btw, your Blackberry has probably saved my life, much thanks

  2. i wonder if you mean fugue in the way of music, or the post-amnesia euphoria of starting a new life. certianly, it could be either. and trust me, you are.

  3. Let’s go RIOT!! Lemme get my gas mask cos that tear gas is a bitch, tho!

  4. You are way too dramatic for your own good.

    It’s all good though. Just make sure you don’t fall to either extreme and become emo or Bono ;)

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